Sentimental – Ski Chair (made from your old skis) drop them off, or ship them to us, or we can pickup in Colorado


The Sentimental Ski Chair, always a top seller, uses your old gear, or if it’s already gone, we can  match up something close to what you used to own!   You can pick your favorite color, ski brand or style!

Bring in your old skis and we will build a perfect chair for you and save you all the headaches!

Make a sentimental keepsake that will make you smile and happily reminisce in comfort for years to come!  Need 2 chairs? Just drop off your skis at our Manitou Springs location, and we’ll make you

Cool, comfortable, comes with a ski binding cup holder and designed to spend the day in in total comfort.  Buy them for your yard, deck, condo, fire pit or front porch. Anywhere you want to kick back for a few and enjoy the day!

Classic Adirondack Ski Chairs are beautiful, timeless and make a PERFECT gift!  We can do any style or color you want too, just email us your design!

You can add a Front Board custom for $50-100 as well – Beautiful custom & hand-painted with oil exterior paints, the customized ski chair front board is just a sample of what we can customize for you.  Buy a classic one now or call us for a custom!

Call or email if you need to make arrangements to send us your skis!   888-404-2739

*****PLEASE NOTE****** If you wish  to have your chair(s)  shipped when  finished, shipping will be billed separately


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Our medium frontier base is still laid back but standard chair height.

Kick back and relax – Real Adirondack style

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