3-person ski chairlift bench (or swing) – powder coated BLACK- replica ski lift w/ Wrap-around bar & Wooden Seat

$3,735.00 $2,241.00

This hanging vintage style ski lift bench comes with 3 seats, perfect for yourself and a group of pals. Turn this fully customizable item into an original piece owned solely be you. Upgrade the atmosphere of your space and imagine the potential for fun times and fond memories inside this one of a kind piece of furniture.

  • 3 seats
  • Customizable (see options below)
  • 84″ tall by 25″ deep and 60″ wide (varies slightly)
  • Hand Painted 
  • Water/Weather Proof

We can do just about any color or we can leave the original patina.

The common colors are: Redwood Stain, Grey Stain, Dark Walnut, Natural, or Custom. Please enter your preference for custom please be specific

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