Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon

Peak Season Training is well under way for most of the competitors for this year’s Pikes Peak Ascent and Pikes Peak Marathon here in beautiful Manitou Springs, CO.

Many national runners and international running teams will be arriving soon to finish their training, adjust to the local altitude and prepare for their peak performance!

Considered one of the toughest marathons in the world, the Pikes Peak Marathon is a standard 26.2 regulation length course, but the challenge comes in as you have to navigate 8,800ft of elevation gain during the course as well as descending back to town on tired legs and the middle section where you summit out at 14,115ft in elevation.

Not a marathon for anyone who hasn’t seriously trained and prepared.  This is not an amateur event, these are seasoned and accomplished runners only and they really put on a great show.

Some even do the double where they do the 1/2 marathon Ascent on Saturday and then the full marathon on Sunday.  A huge accomplishment and one you’ll have to log even more hours to prepare for indeed.

Our hats go off to these inspiring, incredible runners.  It’s amazing what they accomplish and hard to believe what they can accomplish for speed and endurance.   The marathon record is roughly 3:14 and the Ascent is roughly 1:57.  Incredible really when you look at the challenge they face on this unbelievable course format.

Come down to Colorado Springs and check it out!  Make sure to stop in at Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Colorado Ski Chairs, downtown Manitou Springs and more.  You’ll love the area and want to come back every year for sure!

Have a beautiful summer!



Adam W. Vernon

Colorado Ski Chairs

Manitou Springs CO

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