NEW Designs – Ski Chairs, Wall flags and more!

Bob Marley Adirondack Ski Chair

We painted over 140 new designs in 2016!

What’s next? Well, a lot of that’s up to you!!

Our artists are hard at work coming up with new ideas, and our customers also give us great ideas and custom orders all the time.  We love creating pieces that are memorable, beautiful, long lasting and durable.  What’s your favorite design you’d love to see on a chair bench or cornhole set?

We did many versions of artists this year with themes from Jimi Hendrix to Bob Marley, Glen Frey, Jimmy Buffet, The Sound of Music and many more!

We do a lot with mountains, trees and wildlife like owls, bears, elk, deer, moose and more.  We did a wolf as well and several horses.  What’s your favorite animal?  Sports team? State flag? Country flag?

Can we create a custom piece for you?

We worked a lot with new designs on vintage ski posters, skier and snowboarder images and silhouettes, snowflakes, compasses, native american art, suns, mountains, trees, snow, rivers, lakes, birds, sugar skulls, clouds, moon, stars and so much more.

We hand paint most of our pieces with oil enamel.  We also do wood burning, staining, carving, routing and many other custom wood work practices and techniques to create beautiful custom pieces.  Be as creative as you want.  We can make it happen.  Tommyknocker Brewery always orders ski chairs with Volant stainless steel skis for the arms of the chairs and the seat boards.  They they frame the back in the same metal skis and have us carve and route and paint a large logo of their Tommyknocker miner logo on the center of the wooden back piece.  They’re unique, beautiful, functional and make great giveaways, prizes, or VIP gifts to good customers!

What style do you think you’d like most for your home, office or as a gift to a special colleague or loved one?

We also make bookcases out of skis and snowboards in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.  Very durable, beautiful and of course highly functional.

Our wall art pieces were also very popular this year.  We did mostly Colorado themed pieces with barnwood, beetlekill pine, skis, snowboards and pallets.   We used paint, stain, wood burning and router carving and more to create most of the designs.  The most popular pieces for wall art is 24″ wide by 14″ tall due to the versatility of this size piece, you can really hang it in any room of the house, it’s cheap to ship and it’s an affordable price range for most everyone looking for a high quality hand made gift.

The most popular wall art pieces are barnwood, beetlekill and ski flags.   The larger pieces measure 48″ wide by 32″ tall, but we can customize any size you want.  The smaller pieces are more affordable typically but a lot of it depends on the detail in the design as well.  We can always add custom names, logos, silhouettes

Give it some thought, give us a call #888-404-2739 and get your custom orders started today!

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