This is what we get asked all the time.

What do you suggest for the upkeep of these awesome chairs?

Not a lot.  They’re built to last!  We clean them with all sorts of different things here, the painted skis just needs soap and water, maybe a hose  The wood will start to dry out as it gets sun exposure, so we found it likes a regular coat of furniture oil to keep it looking its best.   Linseed oil is probably the best, as it restores the wood really quickly and inexpensively.  Just apply the oil with a rag once a year or so and the skis can even be shined up with turtle wax!

The paint may get scratched from time to time with storms or heavy use, but you can easily touch them up with white Rustoleum Gloss paints from any local hardware stores too, let me know if you have any other questions, we’re happy to help solve any problems!

A few of the skis will peel apart in time with too much sun too, so just let us know and we can easily replace them as well!

Are all of your items in stock?

Not always, we do have about 50-100 total chairs, benches and cornhole sets in stock at any given time at our production facility/ retail brick and mortar store in Manitou Springs, CO but inventory changes daily, so you can call to order and inquire what’s in stock or we can take your order over the phone and you can expect 2-6 weeks lead time to complete your order if it’s not already in stock.

Where do we get all the skis?

We have the help of lots of people for this one!  Anywhere and everywhere, we’re always picking up more skis from stores all over Colorado while we’re out and about making other ski chair and bench deliveries all over Colorado.   If you know of any for sale or trade, please let us know!

What’s the pricing based on?

Mainly TIME.  Whatever amount of labor is into the product determines the major portion of the price.  Everything is handcrafted here in Colorado and the unpainted pieces are all less expensive, unless they’re special edition skis or antiques.  The fancier chairs go up in price due to hours of painting as everything is hand painted and needs 2-3 coats as well!

What kind of paint do you use?

We use premium exterior house & boat paints.  We hand paint them all with 2-3 coats of paint too so they’re not only beautiful but durable and hold up great in the sun and the bad weather!   Colors won’t fade and they’re scratch resistant as well.

Can you paint anything?

Yes, well, almost anything.  If you have permission to use the image, then we can paint it for you!  We do tons of business logos and designs, we have to avoid a lot of trademarked images if they’re protected but we do creative interpretations of other teams and designs all the time. You can find anything you want painted and we can do an artistic rendition of virtually anything you can dream up. If you haven’t looked through the photo gallery, go click there- upper left of this page and you can look at hundreds of images we’ve already done for others to get inspired as well. Or just Google your favorite images and email us your idea!

We can make it happen.

Are your shot skis really the coolest shot skis in the world?

Yes, yes they are, at least that’s what people always tell us.  They’re made with the coolest sets of universal bindings, or our popular shatterproof ski boot shot glasses marked for Green Circle-beginner shot, Blue Square – Intermediate 2 shot, and Double Black Diamond 3-shots.  They come with colorful, fully functional plastic boot binding setups as well, you can pick the color.  We also offer the option of you picking hand painted designs for any shot ski or just pick an original ski by brand or era or color we can make for you too!