Custom shot skis, come with bindings & unbreakable ski boot shot glasses

Custom shot skis, come with bindings, unbreakable ski boot shot glasses marked for 3 levels of fun! Green circle-beginner, Blue Square intermediate or Double Black Diamond for Experts Only!


End of season shot ski closeout!!!   All on closeout pricing right now!!

Our Shot Skis come with removable bindings and shatter-proof, boot-shaped shot glasses. Apres ski shooters will never be the same again!

Great conversations often start over this signature item, and even better memories.

“USA” custom oil-painted Shot Ski with Shatterproof Ski Boot Glasses & ski Bindings for easy removal and washing of the boot glasses- marked with Green circle for easy, Blue Square for intermediate and Double Black Diamond for experts!!!

We can custom paint anything on them you want as well- additional fees may apply for custom artwork at $50/hour.

What artwork would you want painted on a ski chair or bench?  Snowboard chair or snowboard bench?

Perhaps you’ve seen some of our work up in Breckenridge, Aspen, Snowmass, Vail, Crested Butte, Beaver Creek, Monarch Mountain, Sunlight Mountain Resort, Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, Glenwood Springs, Canyon City, Castle Rock, Colorado College, Steamboat Springs, Copper Mountain, Frisco Whole Foods, Six Flags Elitch Gardens downtown Denver, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Loveland Ski Area, Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs, The Royal Gorge, Whole Foods Washington Park, or many other places around Colorado. Our Custom Oil-painted Adirondack Ski Chairs, benches, shot skis and cornhole sets are featured in MANY places around Colorado!!  End of season shot ski closeout!!!

Custom oil-painted Shot Ski, custom shot skis, logo Ski chairs, benches and ski cornhole boards are the perfect branding piece for your company. They show your creativity, quality, attention to detail, commitment to the environment, upcycling, supporting local business & art all in one!

We’ve made custom shot skis, ski chairs and ski cornhole sets for over 40+ companies now, your should be next!!   We have a some great off season specials available right now as well!  Call us now for a custom quote and save! #888-404-2739.They’re the perfect item to bring to any promotional event, market, festival or outdoor concert to get people to stop and chat, have a shot or have some fun throwing bean bags and give you a chance to talk and get to know them. They’re very popular for small businesses and corporations alike, entrepreneurs, realtors, restaurants, insurance offices, lawyers, hotels, chiropractors, lodges, breweries, dipensaries, distilleries, clothing companies, artisans and more.

What’s more fun than throwing bean bags? Cornhole has become one of the most popular games here in Colorado. There’s tons of board options available as well.   We can make them our of skis, snowboards, cedar, birch, cross country skis and more. Most of the boards you’ll find for sale are lower quality, screen printed plywood boards that are weak and flimsy and not durable. Once they’re exposed to moisture or bad weather or one drunk guy with boots on, they’ll break or warp or be ruined and you’ll have to start all over. NOT with our boards! Ours will look great for years to come! They’re more fun too and upcycled and hand painted with oil exterior house paint, made to withstand the elements.

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