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Your dream has come true now you can bring that relaxing Colorado vibe to your most special day – rent colorado ski chairs for your event.

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The Ski Chair "guys" made the Great Fruitcake Toss "throne" and did a fabulous job! Adam always loans us chairs and benches for community events! Colorado Ski Furniture has so many different options and they can make something unique, just for you.

thumb Annie Schmitt
December 17, 2016

We love the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of the artistic piece that was specially designed for our patio. We get a lot of compliments and this piece allows me a connection to my Colorado roots. Our chairlift perfectly compliments our backyard space and allows our family a fun, yet functional, long-lasting & no maintenance furniture option. Thank you to all of those at ColoradoSkiChairs who helped craft & repurpose this amazing piece of artwork!

thumb PDX Bride & Groom
May 3, 2020

Colorado Ski Furniture is Awesome - bought a pair of chairs three years ago and had them delivered to Erie at a very fair price. Fast forward to last month and two sets of the skis on the chairs delaminated… Colorado ski furniture management got ahold of me and said “ we’ve got someone in the area - how about we come pick them up and refurbish the chairs and table for a fair price? We can have them back to you asap!” Well, they swooped in and 4 days later we had our chairs backing looking like new! You guys deserve a lot of credit for what you do and how you treat people!!! You’ve got my business locked up. I wish more businesses worked like you.

thumb Mike Trus
April 26, 2022

Colorado Ski Furniture – What we do:

We’re all about hand crafting truly exceptional works of art while repurposing locally sourced goods. 

We make over 100 different types of furniture and about half our our items are custom made.

Our designs are often inspired by the beauty & majesty of the mountains, and made for your home, business, or as a perfect gift for someone special. 

Let us know what your vision is and we will make it a reality!


More About Us:

From classic Adirondack ski chairs to snowboard benches, custom wall art, bar stools, giant XXL chairs and even shot skis, our pieces are colorful and unique.  Our mission is to raise the bar on quality furniture that you’ll love for years to come and enjoy every day at home or work.  Our outdoor furniture is perfect for porches, decks, or even for your business to get noticed on Main Street!  Brighten & class up your condo, chalet, or cabin with some of our functional indoor art!  And what ski enthusiast should be without a shot ski for the inevitable celebration?